Our mission is simple yet powerful: We are collectively focused on providing comprehensive, customized, objective financial planning and wealth management advice. Our clients span across the country, throughout industries and across generations, from retirees to high-ranking corporate executives, from medical professionals to business owners, licensed professionals and affluent families. Throughout the years we have developed a niche in working with doctors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and across the country on their financial planning needs.

Simply put, our clients come first. We systematically plan according to the complexity and uniqueness of each particular situation. We are acutely focused on a process-driven model. Through that discipline we uncover the array of financial needs, goals, and concerns of our clients. We know the questions to ask, life's transitions to anticipate, and the potential issues to plan for when developing and executing on a financial plan designed to adapt to your evolving needs. We look forward to putting our passion and collective experience to work for you.


Jake Robbins works extensively with physicians and dentists in Oklahoma and throughout the country and is aware of the nuanced issues impacting members of the medical profession. Because of his expertise in navigating the financial issues that doctors face, Jake can give guidance that is perfectly suited to his clients' needs, all while helping them plan for both the present and the future wisely. Doctors are highly trained in their field and deserve a financial professional with the same level of dedication and specialized knowledge. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we are different.


We realize that student loans are or have been a burden for most physicians and dentists. Unfortunately, the student loan repayment options that are available are constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with as the legislation changes. Our extensive knowledge on student loan repayment options allows us to help you determine the many repayment strategies for your particular financial situation. The decision to pay down debt or invest for the future is one of great importance and should take into account many different factors that are often times overlooked. As your financial advisor we welcome the opportunity to work through this important decision with you.


Although in this world nothing can be certain except death and taxes, we will work with your CPA/Tax advisors to help ensure that your financial plan takes advantage of tax preferred accounts. Our goal is to help our clients determine if they prefer to be taxed now at current rates or in the future at future rates. This is an extremely important decision and should only be made after reviewing things like the history of United States income tax rates, current and future income levels,  and the U.S. Federal deficit and the potential for higher tax rates in the future. We also implement asset location tactics to help ensure that your tax inefficient assets are placed in the appropriate accounts to optimize your asset allocation strategy.


Creating the right financial habits is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome of your financial plan. In our opinion this starts with budgeting and creating the habit of saving, regardless of income levels. We assist our clients in the budgeting process to help them realize where they are spending their money. Our goal is to help you be as efficient as possible with the excess income that you have, but this can only be done if good spending and budgeting habits are created. For resident physicians we assist you in forecasting your future after tax income to help create a budget for the future and account for things like future debt payments, future purchases, and future retirement/savings contributions. We want our clients to be prepared for the future and to already have a plan in place to implement as soon as their financial situation changes.

Jake Robbins

Jake Robbins

Wealth Management Advisor

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